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Timber Creek Retreat House

Drexel, MO


This retreat is offered in a beautiful setting immersed in the serenity of nature. It is a natural space for peace, relaxation and connection. It creates an opportunity to Love our selves and our lives as they are. If you find yourself feeling unfulfilled in Love, relationships and generally in your life, this retreat is perfect for you. Join Dr. Matt at he guides you into discovering the Love that you are deep within your soul. You will learn how to generate Love in every experience in your life, regardless of the suffering that is present.

If you knew that you would never change and your life would never change could you learn to Love you and your life as it is?

It is important to understand Love as a state of being. It is far more than an emotion, a thought or an action. Being is defined as the combination of our emotions, thoughts, actions and attitudes. In life, Love is often misunderstood because of the conditions we as humans place on it. Most of us have heard of unconditional Love but don't necessarily understand the reality of what Love actually is. Love is a divine energy that flows through each of us. Love is the energy and presence we are each created from. It is the source of creation in our lives.

We often seek Love externally from others through our relationships. This is an inefficient use of our energy because relying externally to find Love places conditions on our experiences. It creates space for us to say, "If this person doesn't Love me in a way that meets my expectations, then something is wrong with me." It is important for us to get that nothing is ever wrong with us.

When we learn to generate the Love from within that lives in our innermost being, we can find Love in all things. This works because we can remove the conditions and rules we place on Love. Love is unconditional. If there are conditions, it is not Love. It is an illusion. In this retreat you will learn what Love truly is and how to BE Love in every moment of you life. When being Love, it will radiate out into every area of our life. Imagine what your life would be like if Love existed in your relationships, career, home and in your hopes and dreams. You would experience the peace, freedom, fulfillment and all else that you are seeking. Life doesn't have to be difficult and filled with suffering. No person in this world is immune from a beautiful magical life, including you.

The retreat house offers amenities such as a reflection pond for meditation as well as a hiking trail. There will be time on Saturday for each person to have personal free time to use however you like. Massages will be available during this time with Tom Jacobs for an additional cost for those interested.

Check out for more information on the retreat house and pictures of the house, rooms and grounds.


The cost includes your room, meals, retreat materials and fees per person. To make a reservation we will put you credit card on file but you will NOT be charged until checkout on the last day of the retreat, Sunday September 10th.

Special dietary needs and allergies can happily be accommodated.

Private Room -
$320 (lodging & meals) + $200 (retreat & materials) = $520 (total)

Shared Room -
$210 (lodging & meals) + $200 (retreat & materials) = $410 (total)

There are 6 rooms available so spaces are limited depending how many rooms are booked for private vs. shared.

All shared rooms are equipped with 1 bed, a king or queen size. A shared room means that you will be sharing a bed with your roommate. This is a great option if you are attending the retreat with someone that you know. Each room has its own bathroom that you will only share if you are sharing a room with someone.

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