Creating Conscious & 

Empowered Relationships



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"Are you fulfilled in your relationships?"


This weekend of rejuvenation is an opportunity to transform your relationships with self, nature, romance, community, and family. 

This camping retreat is located in Knob Noster State Park immersed in a serene old growth forest. It is nestled among ancient trees and surrounded by natural waterways. It's known as the place where prairie and forest meets with tall grasses and diverse wildflowers mingling beneath the open sky. These wild spaces create a safe container and conducive environment for exploring the many layers of self outside of the distractions of our everyday lives.

In this retreat, we will explore the power of creating conscious and empowered relationships in all areas of our lives. Relationships can be difficult and take effort to maintain for many of us. This weekend is an opportunity to transform how you show up in relationships remembering Love and presence.

Imagine for a moment what your relationships would be like if you were willing to be accountable for all of your words, thoughts, actions and emotions. Many of us have learned in life to project our fears and wounds onto others. This occurs in our relationships with our selves, our friends, our family, our Lovers and even nature. Relationships provide such a powerful mirror, giving us the opportunity to see more clearly who we are. What if we could learn to show up with compassion and understanding in our lives with the people we Love? What would your relationships look like? How would they differ from now?

Relationships occupy every space in our life. We are always relating with another person or energy even when we are alone. Creating conscious and empowered relationships means showing up as clear, present and heart centered. A willingness to communicate is how this space gets restored when it falls out. Forgiveness truly has the power to heal all misgivings. Throughout this weekend we will explore the power of forgiveness in our relationships. We will discuss why we choose the relationships that we choose.

We all have the ability to live conscious and empowered lives and bring that into our relationships. The only thing it requires is a willingness to show up in your relationships. Beyond that, trust in yourself that you can let your heart and mind equally guide you.

We will explore the following relationship dynamics during this camping retreat:

                    - Self
                    - Nature
                    - Romantic
                    - Community

The campground offers a natural lake filled with nonvenomous freshwater jellyfish as well as a magically scenic hiking trail. There is no swimming in the lake but there are kayaks available for rent. You are welcome to bring your own kayak if you have one. This weekend is a great opportunity to connect with nature, yourself and others.

Shared showers and bathrooms are available for use.


The cost includes your campsite, meals, and all retreat fees per person. This retreat is $200. Sign up by June 30th and receive an early bird discount of $50 making the cost of your retreat $150.

You will be responsible for bringing your own camping supplies. Feel free to sleep in a tent or hang your hammock in a tree.

Once you register, you will receive an email with a packing list. 

There is limited space within the group of campsites we have reserved, so we recommend registering as soon as possible.

We will be offering 4 scholarship trades for assistance in making the food over the campfire for the weekend. If you are not able to pay the cost of the retreat and would like to be considered for one of the scholarships, please email Matt Turner at In the email, please include why you feel called to be at this retreat and why you should be considered for one of the scholarships. 

Dietary needs and allergies can happily be accommodated.

For questions, email Matt at