Guided Love Meditation
3:00 PM15:00

Guided Love Meditation

Join Matt Turner and Timmy Gibson for the Guided Love Meditation at Liberty Memorial. This is a monthly guided outdoor meditation to connect us in our hearts and awaken Love and compassion ourselves and others.   

What is a Guided Love Meditation?

Most of you know what Meditation is, some may call it Prayer, just depends on your background. It's a time of quieting the mind, releasing the junk in our lives, and connecting to God, or the Higher Power, Universe, or Mother Earth. But this particular meditation is going to focus on LOVE. 

So whether you are single, dating, divorced or married this LOVE focused meditation is for you! A powerful time of getting yourself centered in a place of love for yourself, which will prepare you for giving and receiving love from others.. 

Timmy and Matt are super excited about this collective event ... invite your friends and get ready to experience more love in your heart than you have felt in a long time! It's a love-fest!

A yoga mat or blanket and whatever else you need to get your meditation on!

We will meet on the NORTH side of the Liberty Memorial ... facing the Union Station!

This is a FREE event.

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Self Love Workshop
12:00 PM12:00

Self Love Workshop

The Self Love workshop is an opportunity for you to learn to Love yourself more fully and deeply. In life we often forget the profound power of Love and that Loving ourselves is even a possibility. The suffering of life can keep us stuck in our fear and unworthiness. Its easy to feel defeated by life. If you are ready to transform your life and relationship with Love, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, we will explore the true meaning of Love as a state of being. This means Love as more than an emotion, thought or action. Dr. Matt Turner and Kim Johnson will guide you deep into your inner being to discover your fears that are preventing you from expressing yourself as Love. Expressing ourselves as Love is the path to joy, abundance and well-being. We will use a blend of yoga, meditation, lecture and exercises to help you facilitate this process.

Join us and get your Love!

No prior experience with yoga or meditation required.

Cost is $99

Yoga Patch - 7235 Central St. KCMO

For registration inquiries, email Dr. Matt at

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