Light Energization is a spiritual awakening experience designed to increase one’s intuition and sensitivities to subtle energies that make up all life. Energization awakens an awareness of your life's purpose through the awakening of your kundalini or life-force energy. This awakening allows the kundalini to begin flowing upward through our chakras, energy centers in the body. This is done by commanding the energy to flow through the chakras, along with the Brother Lights, a group of high cosmic Light beings. As the energy flows upward through the chakras, you will begin to awaken to higher states of awareness of self and all life. When the Kundalini is awakened, your life can flourish with wisdom, strength and creativity. Awakening your life force energy truly does awaken your life and your being. Kundalini light Energization™ was founded by the late Brazilian healer, Mauricio Panisset, also known as the “The Man of Light.”

*In person only

*60 min -  $90