Inner Child Therapy

Yhandi’s Inner Light is an inner child therapy process designed to bring unconscious thoughts and emotions to the conscious mind guiding you to Self-Awareness. Many of these thoughts and emotions stem from the way we were indirectly conditioned as children. Being aware of these patterns allows us to begin reconditioning ourselves. As we move through the four sessions of Yhandi you will begin to see how limiting beliefs and fear based emotions have affected your life. Yhandi’s Inner Light brings awareness to your thoughts and emotions, giving you a tool to transform your life.

Yhandi’s Inner Light awakens the creative and feeling child along with the reason guided, action taking adult that exists within each of us and bridges them together bringing a greater balance into your life. This is a four-session process that creates an increased awareness along with profound healing that some people never get from twenty years of traditional therapy. If you are a person who likes to dig deep and go all in, Yhandi is for you.

*In person only

*4 sessions - $600