Psychic Reading

Readings provides a greater sense of guidance, insight and direction in your life. Anyone searching for life purpose or answers to many of life’s questions can benefit from a psychic reading. They are designed to connect you more deeply with your soul and its infinite wisdom. This information is channeled from Spirit creating an opportunity for you to awaken to a deeper level of peace and confidence on your life’s path. In this experience, anything is possible. It is helpful to have an intention and be clear with yourself what you are looking to know in this moment of your life. If you are feeling lost or unclear in any area of your life, a reading is a great opportunity to reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Questions are welcome if you have specific areas of your life you wish to focus on. They are not required if you want to simply hear from the Universe and your Soul and any wisdom they have to offer. In a reading it is possible along with the guidance and wisdom to hear from Loved ones who have crossed over, spirit guides and past lives. In this moment of your life, whatever you need to hear and be aware of to guide you that is of your highest and best good will show up. Matt brings a soft grace, tough Love and humor to the readings to get your attention in a Loving way while remaining light with life.

*In person or distance via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Google+ Hangouts

*60 min -  $90