Past Life Regression

In a Past Life Regression, you will be guided into your unconscious mind using guided imagery to tap into your past life memories. We carry karma throughout lifetimes that was created in previous lifetimes. These karmic ties can impact our behaviors and how we respond or react to life. It can give us an expanded awareness of why we are the way we are.

Sometimes, a life will be visited to remind you whom you are in your soul, to inspire your current life and awaken your purpose. Other times you may visit a life of tragedy and trauma to allow you to see something in your energetic field that is still being carried with you not allowing you to fully stand in who you are. Besides, its fun to see and experience who you have been before.

You will be consciously aware throughout the process so that you may remember the life you visit. Whatever life you need to access for your highest and best good in your current life will show up. After your life, from birth to death, has been explored you will receive healing of this energy. Once you awaken, we will discuss the relevance of the life you visited to your current life. This will give you the tools to awaken your gifts and abilities or break free from the chains of past karmic energy. This will depend upon the type of life that shows up.

*In person or distance via phone, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp

*90 min -  $125